• Make a donation –monetary or donated time/services
  • Donate through Kroger Community Rewards – Every time you shop, a portion of your bill will be donated to RING: using organization ID “72522 Gainesville Jaycees Vocational Rehab Cnt”
  • Donate through Amazon Smile – When you sop at Amazon Smile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the charities selected by customers. It's the same Amazon you're familiar with, only the following link takes you straight to our donation page! 


  • Help RING identify individuals with disabilities who are unaware of our services. If you know of potential candidates, please get in touch with them and give them RING’s contact information
  • Call RING when a job becomes available in your business (or one that you are acquainted with) that can be done by someone with a disability. RING also seeks temporary job assignments where Trainees can receive on the job training.
  • RING seeks contracts to do packaging/shipping, light assembly, kit preparation, sewing , reworking, QA inspection and a multitude of other labor intensive tasks that are used to support the organization and provide jobs and training for its Trainees.